The Importance Of Extracurricular Activities For Your Child

Children need a lot of exercise in their lives because they have a lot of energy that they need to burn off on a daily basis. In the past, this was not a problem at all because most children would play a lot at school and then come back to play on the street with their friends in the neighborhood. In fact, children playing on the street was a common sight as late as a decade ago and by these activities children burnt a lot of energy and remained healthy. Today however things have changed drastically with the advancement of technology, the rise of popularity of the internet and the advancement of computer games, virtual reality and the extent of how realistic virtual games have become.

We live in an era where parents are too busy working long hours at their full time jobs and no longer have time to cook healthy meals for their children and therefore many families resort to processed readymade meals from the store for every meal. Even in cases where children develop a talent or an interest for an extracurricular activity, parents no longer have time to take the children for drama classes in Dubai, swimming classes or any other kind of extracurricular activity and therefore resort to letting their children spend time on their computers because it is also more convenient for the parents themselves.

Exploring your child’s talents

Every child is talented in their own way and it is these same talents that will one day give your child the ability to earn a living, to be a success and one day take care of their own family by making use of these talents. As a parent it is your duty to let your child explore his or her talents and find out which line they would like to pursue. You will need to start by enrolling your child in hip hop classes in Dubai, singing classes, sports and various other activities that let your child explore different avenues and identify their own talents and interests.

These activities will also provide your child with the exercise that they need in their daily lives in order to help them to be healthy. However, it is important for you to remember that these activities require a lot of energy and therefore it is important that you change your child’s diet and feed your child a healthy natural plant based diet that will give your child the energy to take part in these many day to day activities and keep your child away from dangerous processed food and fast food.