Main Causes Of Male Sterility

At some point in our lives, we all want to have kids. For most of us this starts with getting married to that special someone who you would want to have a family with, but sadly in some cases, sterility may prevent you from having kids. Here are some of the main causes of sterility in men.


This is one of the main causes of sterility in men. Having a Sexually Transmitted Diseases can prevent the male reproductive system from functioning or can even result in a decrease in sperm count. Most of these however can be diagnosed and rectified with medication, however certain diseases could leave you permanently incapable of impregnating a woman. Prior diagnosis could save you from this however, always use protection if you engage in sexual intercourse with many different women.


Known as the “silent killer” this is one of the most common inherited diseases all over the world. Apart from suffering from low blood sugar levels, it could also cause a condition called retrograde ejaculation. This is a cause of male infertility as it can leave the man incapable of ejaculating during sexual intercourse. For some conditions there are therapeutically and medical treatments available, however for most cases it remains untreatable.


Obesity is a health condition where the person is well above their recommended body weight. This can lead to various health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even sterility. The way it occurs is due to a decrease in sperm count which thereby either reduces the chances of a pregnancy occurring or prevents it altogether. Fortunately, however this condition can be treated. The best infertility treatment in this case is regular exercise and controlling your diet. Getting the necessary vitamins and minerals in your body would also boost in recovering your sperm count.

Erectile dysfunctions

This is another cause in males where they are unable to get their penis erect. This would then prevent the person from copulating with the woman and thereby prevent ejaculation altogether. Another condition associated with this is premature ejaculation which has the opposite effect, where the man ejaculates too soon during intercourse. Some of the main causes for erectile dysfunctions lie in stress, anxiety and diet. So these can be rectified even without medication, but in some cases there are medication that could help relieve the problem.

These are some of the main causes of sterility in men and most of them can be treated. Even if there is no direct treatment, there are alternatives that allow you to have kids. Consult your doctor to find out about these.