How Fashion Has Changed The Modern Social Landscape?

It is a fact that every individual has there now unique personality. With this comes a preference to things and experiences, and a certain style is developed. Style can be defined as a way in which people choose to express their unique preferences and requirements while using themselves as the vehicle to express this.

Perhaps no other feature speaks as many volumes as your own personal sense of style when it comes to clothing. Fashion and style trends are a long-time influence on men and women alike, dating back many years into history.

History of fashion

The fashion world has always had a significance influence on society. Dating back to many centuries ago, certain styles of clothing became popular due to the purpose they served as well as how well it suited certain parts of the world. Climatic factors as well as societal views slowly shaped the type of clothing worn. Even gender became a deciding factor. It extended towards the colours worn as well. For example, only the royalty was allowed to wear purple clothing in Egypt, due to the conveyance of wealth it spoke, as creating this colour for clothing was very expensive and time-consuming.

Women made their own clothing in the household itself for many centuries before modern mass production of clothes began. Therefore, there was not much expression of style or intricacy due to the options available to them to create the garments, and most were done by hand.

The modern fashion industry

The modern fashion industry is quite different from these ancient practices. Fashion designers in Dubai and fashion houses have become extremely popular elements in society. It has become an increasingly influential factor in how men and women carry themselves in society. It has also become an extremely profitable industry. From clothing to shoes to handbags and perfumes, fashion has a tendency to develop and evolve over time. This gives it fluidity and staying power with consumers.Large companies as well as men and women entrepreneurs have developed successful businesses and nurtured them to be big fashion names across the world.

People nowadays are heavily influenced by the trend and styles that are made popular by celebrities and movie stars. Fashion brands and designers advertise their products through such celebrity styling. They style celebrities for red carpet events and use them as a showcase for their products, while the celebrity gets the chance to wear a gown by a famous designer, for free.

Celebrity endorsements have also become extremely popular. Many fashion companies and brands use the popularity of famous actors and musicians to market their products.