General Car Security Tips

Security is a major issue in today’s context. There is violence and crime in every other corner and no amount of police officers, security alarms, and impressive gadgets seem to get around to stopping them. That still does not mean we can simply sit back and watch until someone comes and takes our stuff away or harm our loved ones. The best action against crime is precaution. Here we have compiled a few tips through which you can safeguard your vehicles in day to day life. Always remember, the best form of defense or security alarm system is your common sense and the gut feeling when something at the back of your mind nags you.

Power of the Keys

These are just general precautions you must take with any vehicle. Always remember to remove your keys from the ignition when you leave your car unattended. Leaving the keys in the car or keeping it running while being unattended is an open invitation to the most inexperienced thief and even the most heavily built armored cars UAE or bulletproof cars are vulnerable to the power of the keys. Also, remember to never leave a spare key in the glove compartment or anywhere in the car itself. Most experienced thieves know exactly where to look for such keys. The same goes for parking tokens. These are best carried around in your purse rather than left with the car, thereby allowing anyone to take the car out of the parking lot with no hassle.

Lock Everything

Locking your doors and closing your windows are almost common sense. However, some of us in the tropics especially either forget or keep open one window so as to let out the hot air. It is advised to simply open a tiny crack from one window rather than a full window as that time one centimeter crack is more than enough for the hot air to leak out and is too small for the thieves to get in through. If you have a garage or walled in drive way, it is best to park inside locked doors to keep the curious passersby away. However, in case you do not have these, try to park your car facing the road so that anyone tampering will be immediately noticed and thereby reduce the risk of theft. Read this article to find out more about the trusted maker of bullet proof cars.

Keep Out of Sight

Make sure to keep valuables which you are leaving in the car out of sight of the people passing by. Be it a laptop, mobile, jewelry, why tempt anyone to break in to your car at all?