Effects Of UV Radiation

Ultra Violet radiation is a topic that is being widely discussed worldwide. With greenhouse gasses and depletion of the ozone layer, the effects of the sun’s UV rays are increasing. However, there is a common belief that these UV radiation is all bad and thus needs to be completely shut out. This article will point out both the benefits and evils of UV light and how to prevent it from harming the body. Link here http://www.agefilms.com/sun-control-window-film-dubai.php to gain information about window film and the benefits of window film.

The Negatives of UV

The main reason or scenario in which UV becomes harmful is when one is over exposed to it. Being out in the harsh sun for long hours can cause severe sun burn which thereby damages skin cells. This also makes skin age faster as the collagen in the skin and connective tissues are destroyed. UV is also an environmental human carcinogen and thus causes skin cancers when over exposed. While bathing is a fun activity and the tan looks good, it can have serious effects on your eye sight and immune system. A phenomenon known as ‘snow blindness’ is experienced however the effects usually wear off after a few days and so is never too late to start treatment or protecting your eyes.

The easiest ways in which to be protected from the harmful UV rays is to prevent direct exposure for extended periods of time. Having a window tint on your windows or apartments at home along with a car tinting will help reduce the effects of UV in your day to day life. The occasional sea bath in the tropics or the walk in the sun would not have lasting effects on your health.

The Positive Side

While all the negatives were mentioned above and is widely stressed on in the media, there is also a very positive side to the sun’s UV rays other than the fact that it allows us life on earth. UV rays when not over exposed triggers vitamin D strengthening muscles, bones and even the immune system. While over exposure to the sun causes skin cancers, the right amount of exposure can even cure other cancers such as Colon cancer. UV rays also trigger a chemical known as ‘tryptamines’ which help improve the mood and even helps certain skin conditions such as psoriasis by slowing the growth of these cells which causes the skin to shed.

The UV rays of the sun are not all bad. It even has a few beneficial effects to it and can help heal the body and mind. However, it is essential to not be over exposed to it and in such cases where it cannot be helped, it is best to take preventive actions against it, even those such as simply putting on sun screen or a hat.